What we offer

Over the years Ezitech has been involved in many diverse engineering and technology requirements. The skills that have been developed within the business broadly cover (but are not exclusive to) the below markets.

Municipal Services

Engineering and technology solutions to improve service delivery. Underground asset management (UAM), utilities management and Smart City strategies


Business transformation strategies. Understanding where (if at all) IoT and Digital Transformation fits in the organisation. 




How to collect meaningful production data and integrate this data in to business systems for better visibility.




Gathering in-field and factory data to improve efficiencies and yield


Monitoring and management of all kinds of movable assets 

Renewable Energy

Providing reliable back-up to reducingly reliable utilities providers for your business.  

Ezitech Professional Standards

    Ezitech maintains on using only the best available skills. Most Ezitech consultants and resources are professionally
qualified in their field. Engineers typically hold honors degree qualifications or similar.

Our services

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