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about the company

Ezitech Pty Ltd is essentially a pool of senior skilled resources, most with over 20 years of experience in their relevant field of engineering or technology discipline. These disciplines span technology, electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical and civil engineering. Projects over the past few years span technology solutions in agriculture, logistics and industrial, water and utilities management for private and government institutions, and renewable energy projects.

Ezitech’s business model is simple – we typically have a five year delivery model for any solution provided. By the fifth year we will have ensured that we have empowered the local communities and businesses to be able to support the solutions provided going forward, encouraging local skills development and wealth growth.

our philosophy

" Those that work for us need three drivers.
  Empowerment - to pass on knowledge to empower local communities and organisations to grow and maintain any solution we deliver
  Passion - to enjoy what you do and have a passion to educate and empower
  Honesty - be principled and trustworthy in all that you do"

         Managing Director (B. Sc. Elec. Eng.)

Our Journey

Ezitech was registered in 2011 as a company that provided the gap between traditional IT companies and traditional technology companies. With more technology solutions requiring an IT component to it (voice, video, control automation, building automation, IoT) there was a gap in the market for technology company with IT experience.

company registration

Initial focus was on digital streaming solutions (digital signage, IP streaming, IPTV) and using cloud based platforms. Markets were typically hospitality and corporate. Skills gained in integrating these solutions in to building management systems (BMS) and renewable energy systems to display notifications and consumption data.

Expansion to building automation

Expanded the skillset to provide more industrial services, including building management systems and PLC based controllers, again with an IP communications focus and converging data in the cloud for business analysis and reporting.

Expansion to Internet of Things (IoT)

Due to a client request to assist with gathering data off farms, expanded the business to include design of IoT hardware devices and LPWAN communications networks, along with developing an IoT management portal for clients to use.Over the years these IoT solutions have grown to cover logistics, industrial and commercial markets.

Growth in to africa

Over the past 9 years Ezitech has supplied various consultative and implementation solutions in Africa, and 2017 saw a more startegic move in to Africa, providing advice and consulting services to organisations in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. We believe there is a desire by most African countries to develop and improve the wellbeing of their citizens, and understand that technology plays a significant role in improving service delivery.

Opening of Municipal Services Division

With the inclusion of more engineering skills (water, chemical, civil engineers) Ezitech is able to offer more comprehensive municipal service improvement solutions specifically around utilities (water and electricity) and underground assets (electrical, telecommunications and water reticulation pipes). In most cases, technology plays an integral part, but does not satisfy all the requirements and a more engineering driven approach is required.

We are able to consult, design, scope , implement and project manage.
From a consulting and project management perspective we operate throughput Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Regards implementation we operate through sub-Saharan Africa, building a partnership with local companies in country to assist with delivery and support. To date we have developed these local partnerships in Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, Rwanda and South Africa.
We have a very flexible costing model and will suit most budget structures. Typically we charge initial consulting fees to define and scope a solution. The client can then continue to use our services to source and project manage the implementation of the soluiton.

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