01  Oct 2021


Ezitech was recently in the press for its work in the South African agriculture industry regards water resource monitoring and management. Working closely with JOAT, a strong utilities implementation and solutions provider, we provided technology solutions to automate the collection and monitoring of river water extraction points by farms. Typically the local catch management forum (CMF) representative would do a monthly read of the water meters, or need to rely on the farmer to send this information through periodically. Now the CMF receives data every 12hrs showing the last 12hrs consumption in 15min intervals.

With this type of information at hand the CMF can be more proactive in spotting anomilies. A sudden increase in water consumption, or consumption at an unusual hour of the day may indicate a burst water pipe and the farmer could be notified to go and check

Ezitech, a technology consulting company, today announced that it is helping the South African government to monitor the fair extraction of water by the country’s agriculture sector. The solution, in partnership with JOAT, uses IoT connectivity provided by u-blox’s Thingstream Communication-as-a-Service platform to ensure that data is passed from tamper-proof electromagnetic flowmeters (magflow meters) to pull all the relevant data into the cloud.

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