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Tower foundation assessment

Utility services companies in the electricity and telecommunications sectors rely heavily on tower networks for long haul transmission.

Tower foundations are an integral, but often overlooked, component of transmission tower integrity and reliability, and managing the condition of tower foundations is vital to ensuring the overall integrity of the transmission network.

Excavation work to inspect foundations is prohibitively costly and time consuming, and very few foundation assessments are conducted. Ezitech has the technology and skills to provide transmission tower foundation assessments using non-intrusive and non-destructive methods, speeding up the inspection process and providing logical management reports with clearly defined outcomes, and downstream action requirements.

Ezitech assesses the structural integrity of foundation concrete, and the presence of corrosion in tower leg components below ground level. This analysis yields an overall assessment of the condition of the foundation and allows the owner to make informed asset management decisions. These include decisions on foundation upgrades, repairs, or even full tower replacements, depending on condition.

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